Gutter Cleaning FAQs


Questions about our Gutter Cleaning Service?

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This depends on the roof type and if you have foliage around your property.

If you have large trees or dense vegetation around your house or building then twice a year is advisable.

There are a few different reasons why a gutter will leak.

Installation. It is important that your gutters have to be installed correctly and slant towards the downpipe. Incorrect installation will force water to run away from the downpipe, this will cause overflow where the gutter is at its lowest point or the gutter will begin to hold water and when the water reaches a certain depth it eventually flows down the downpipe.

Impact and damage. Sometimes a gutter can be hit by a ladder, or object such as a ball, causing damage to the gutters.

Blockage. If a gutter is overflowing near to or at a downpipe, then the downpipe is most likely blocked and will need to be cleaned out.  

Use a reputable company. Look up companies on trusted sites such as Checkatrade and check reviews. 

Local handymen, window cleaners etc can be cheaper, but they do not always have the equipment required for the job, and may not be covered with the correct insurances. 

Really you can have your gutters cleaned any time. During dry months gutters can be brushed out quite thoroughly and gutter mastics and sealants are easy to apply to joints. Winter months the gutters can have a lot of loose mud and water so a more thorough clean is difficult.

During winter months obviously with leafs falling and high rain fall it is also an obvious time. Leaks can also be observed when it’s raining. Leaks often leave water marks and gaps so can be seen in dry weather, cracks or withered seals are easily spotted in dry months too.

In short there are pros and cons at getting the gutters cleaned at any time of year, but as long as they are cleaned yearly at the same time they should be ok and PVC gutters are good for over 25 years.

Commercial gutters are usually best cleared during the dry months as the buildup of waste in the gutters can be quite substantial. This build up is easily removed when dried out as oppossed to when the material is water logged, dirty and heavy. gaps and faults with larger commercial gutters are easily noticeable and fixed during drier months.

However it is worth noting that commercial gutters that have not been cleared out for some time; in the winter months several tons of debris and water can build up in these larger gutters causing the gutters to warp and overflow, causing expensive repair work and often effecting production and delivery.

This is the same with School gutters which can cause classes, corridors and sections of the schools to close; same problems with hotels etc.

Ineffectual gutters can also cause water ingress, brickwork damage, damage to gardens, foundations and basements of buildings.

The safest method is by using a vacuum system or by hand if the blockage requires. Access to the gutter is usually via ladders or cherry picker.

Yes. We have public and employee liability to ensure you are always fully covered.