Residential Roof Cleaning


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The main problems

Mosses flourish and dislodge or separate your roof tiles. Gutters get blocked, causing water seepage and further expense.

The main problems:

  • Moss, lichen and algae growth
  • Heat loss through wet tiles
  • Increased stress on the structure of the roof
  • Water retention by roof tiles can lead to damp areas
  • Roof may look unsightly due to dirt and pollutants

Residential roof cleaning

Professional roof cleaning, carried out in time, can save you massive repair bills. This timely intervention greatly reduces the risk of expensive roof repair and improves the value and appearance of your building.

The roof cleaning process will remove all moss, algae, lichen and any other dirt residue that have contaminated your roof over time. Throughout the roof cleaning process our engineers will make sure that downpipes are protected, with the gutters fully cleaned out and left clear of any residue from the roof. All ground floor areas are covered with sheeting or tarpaulin with all roof detritus removed from the site prior to any roof coating application.

No matter the size or height of the building, through the use of our specialist equipment we are able to unblock your gutters and in doing so prevent any future water damage.

Moss Removal

First thing we do is remove the moss either by jet wash or manually (depending on the package you opt for). If the moss is removed manually, the bulky material is scraped off using a simple implement. Below 30° pitch and when the tiles are sound, this can be done by a trained roofer, pacing the roof itself. If the roof is too steep or fragile - period clay tiles for instance - the preparation is carried out using bespoke telescopic tools.

The gutter outlets are protected against blockage beforehand. Tarpaulin is laid to receive the falling debris. If the moss balls are small, they will fall naturally.

Fungicidal wash

A powerful treatment of fungicidal solution is then applied to your roof to further ensure the removal of any remaining dirt. Furthermore, this guarantees minimal future fungal growth and maintenance.

Roof repairs

After removing the moss from the roof and applying the fungicidal treatment, we can make sure that your roof maintains its good functioning condition. We can repair defective or damaged areas such as the mortar between crests. Ridge and hip tiles will be removed and repointed, and finally, all damaged roof tiles will be replaced. There may be an additional charge depending on the amount of work that needs doing.

Roof sealer

When all repairs are being taken care of, we can apply a roof sealer to ensure protection for your roof from further decline. We offer a range of coloured or clear sealers for you to choose from to give your roof a complete finish.